Fast. Reliable. Secure.

We provide free cryptocurrency services
for Bitcoin and other popular virtual currencies.


State-Of-The-Art Services

All of our projects are completely built on custom high performance and high security software, specifically engineered for the needs of a modern cryptocurrency service.

ypool wallet

Online Wallet

An easy to use, lightning-fast and modern designed online wallet supporting multiple currencies. Besides highest possible security standards it offers a powerful and reliable API.

ypool mining

Mining Pool

A robust, fast and reliable mining pool for popular altcoins. Real-time statistics, automatic payouts and a great community are just some of the benefits.



Our services make the difference.

Additional to our credo 'Fast. Reliable. Secure' our goal is to provide the best quality possible for every single service. To achieve this we built our solutions completely from scratch with an open mindset about new technologies. We believe that cryptocurrencies will not only revolutionize user experience but also affect how we have to look at security and performance.


Always reliable.

In early 2013 we launched our first service, a cryptocurrency mining pool. It quickly grew to one of the largest pools world wide and to this day is still the biggest pool for several alternative cryptocurrencies. In late 2014 we released ypool wallet, a multi-currency online-wallet to the public, which will be the fundament to more projects to come.